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Water Purifier WARRIOR


The Health Protector Of Every Family

Every family needs a warrior. While you’re outside fighting for your family, CUCKOO WARRIOR is at home protecting every family with pure, healthy water.

  1. The first mechanical water purifier that is equipped with a faucet sterilisation function
  2. 6-Stage filtration system
  3. High-capacity antibacterial stainless-steel water tank
  4. Instant hot and cold water output
  5. 21cm-tall outlet space lets you easily fill up your tumblers and water bottles
  6. 5 temperature levels from room temperature to cold water for any occasion
Filtration Type Nano Positive Filtration System
Filter & Replacement Period Sediment Filter Every 4 Months
Pre-Carbon Block 2.0 Filter Every 8 Months
Natural 2.0 Filter Every 12 Months
Nano Positive Filter Every 12 Months
Capacity Room 1.0L
Cold 2.8L
Hot 1.4L
Total Capacity 5.2L
Power Consumption Hot 350W
Cold 0.6A
Dimension & Gross Weight 260mm (W) x 508mm (D) x 508mm (H) | 14.3 kg
Natural Care Service Package (NCSP) $220

Natural Care Service

Learn how to care for your appliances or let us help you with our Natural Care Services

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